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Discover 30+ award-winning Super Habit building tools that have already helped over 20,000 people to transform their lives (and if you want to...) also use them to help others fulfil their own potential.

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Inside your FREE copy you'll discover how to:

✓ Identify and destroy your Destructive Habits...

✓ Build your own life-changing Super Habits...

✓ Help others fulfil their own potential...

✓ Become the best version of yourself...

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Inside Your FREE Copy You Will Discover How To:

✓ Identify and destroy your Destructive Habits...

✓ Build your own life-changing Super Habits...

✓ Help others fulfil their own potential...

✓ Become the best version of yourself...

What are the most important things for fulfilling your potential?

Fulfilling your potential is NOT about tips, tricks, hacks, therapy, coaching, mediation, breath work, goal-setting, journaling or finding your 'why'. I know it sounds irrational because we’re so used to hearing about using these things to help us fulfil our potential, but these approach are outdated and ineffective and they are based on a BIG LIE.

So what is the most important thing for fulfilling your potential?

It’s destroying your Destructive Habits and building new Super Habits...

The BIG LIE we keep getting told is... "if we know what we need to do to be our best, we’ll be able to do it!" BUT we don’t do what we know we should do... instead we do what we are in the habit of doing...

  • Destructive Habits program your brain to automatically do and think things that STOP you fulfilling your potential...

  • Building new Super Habits will reprogram your brain to automatically do and think things that allow you to unleash your potential and consistently be at your best!

In the 'The Habit Mechanic' book I'll show you how to use the three-step ‘Habit Mechanic’ system to destroy your Destructive Habits and build new Super Habits... Get your FREE copy now!

As of 07/20/2024 we have limited physical copies remaining.

Don't just take my word for it...

“I have read countless personal development and leadership books, but none are as powerful as ‘The Habit Mechanic.’ In my opinion it is the missing piece of the ‘how to be your best’ puzzle. It will help you optimize your personal performance and leadership. I have not seen anything as insightful or instructive as this from any other expert in this space. It's packed with powerful science-backed tools."

Mike Jones

Serial technology entrepreneur

“If there is one book you buy this year make it ‘The Habit Mechanic.’ This is not just a self-help book, it is a manual for life. It is brimming with practical examples, real life case studies, and steps to help you put the learning into action. Grounded in science, this is a powerful, enlightening, and interesting read that will help you alter habits and make positive changes not only in your life but in those around you.”

Jo Herrington

Thrive group founder

“I’ve always struggled with the ‘self-help’ literature due to the lack of being able to find a way of transferring the ‘help’ into action. ‘The Habit Mechanic’ really is different. The combination of simple, actionable, and effective plans with a truly compelling and readable narrative makes it a really powerful enabler for any leader or individual who wants to do (and live!) better.”

Jonathan Hewlett

Former President Diesel Europe


Here's just some of what you'll learn inside the book

  • The REAL reason most people fail - it’s not what you think! (chapter 2)

  • The one scary statistic that all people who want to fulfil their potential need to understand and what to do about it before it's too late... (chapter 8)

  • The 9 simple secrets that will transform your life... (chapter 18)

  • Easily analyse your 'Destructive Habits' and your 'Super Habits'... (chapter 17)

  • Destroy your stress by unlocking your calming ‘Super Habits’... (chapter 22)

  • Boost your motivation and personal drive by unlocking your intelligent goal setting ‘Super Habits’... (chapter 16)

  • Supercharge your sleep quality by unlocking your re-charge ‘Super Habits’... (chapter 19)

  • Build rock-solid confidence by unlocking your self-belief ‘Super Habits’...(chapter 23)

  • Supercharge your performance under pressure by unlocking your focus ‘Super Habits’ just like world-class athletes do... (chapter 24)

  • Supercharge your focus and productivity by unlocking your 25 hour brain ‘Super Habits’... (chapter 25)

  • Create truly world-class teams by unlocking your people’s team power ‘Super Habits’... (chapter 28)

  • Become a world-class leader by unlocking your team power leader ‘Super Habits’... (chapters 29 - 35)

As of 07/20/2024 we have limited physical copies remaining.

⚠️ But first, a warning!

This book is NOT for people who DO NOT WANT to become a 'Habit Mechanic' and who refuse to follow the manifesto below:

  • I don't want to use outdated self-help and coaching methods that are becoming less effective in the changing modern world...

  • I want to use proven insights from cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioural science, and psychology to develop my own resilience and performance habits...

  • I understand the next habit I build could be the one that changes my life! I'm ready to make the change...

As of 07/20/2024 we have limited physical copies remaining.

Meet the author Dr. Jon Finn

Dr. Jon Finn wrote his best-selling book ‘The Habit Mechanic’ (which took him over 20 years) because his life’s mission is to help people to be their best in the challenging modern world.

He founded the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy and has three psychology-related degrees, including a PhD. He has worked in performance psychology, resilience, and leadership science for over 20 years. He is also writes regularly for Forbes.

Tougher Minds uses cutting-edge insights from psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, and world champions to help organizations develop “Habit Mechanics” and “Chief Habit Mechanics”—resilient people, outstanding leaders, and world-class teams.

Having trained and coached over 10,000 people, Dr. Finn, and his colleagues, work with global businesses, high-growth startups, individuals, elite athletes, coaches and teams, leading educational institutes, families, the UK government, and think tanks.


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Bonus #1

The Habit Mechanic One Week Planner (PDF)

Value $30

Use this planner to analyse your bad habits (e.g. worrying, beating yourself up, procrastinating) which are stopping you being your best. You’ll learn intelligent goal setting to become more productive every day and discover insights from neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology to get more done and feel better. You’ll also get our 1 week 'Daily TEA (Tiny Empowering Action) Plan' template and our 'Daily 3:1 Reflection' template included too.

Bonus #2

Tougher Minds Foundation Course

Value $50

Discover how your brain really works and how to begin building better health, happiness, performance and leadership habits. Dr. Jon Finn will teach using cutting-edge science with his award winning training and coaching. We normally charge $50 for this course but you will get FREE access when you purchase the book on this page only.

As of 07/20/2024 we have limited physical copies remaining.

Frequently asked questions

Is the book really free?

The book is really free. I simply ask that you take care of shipping and handling, which costs on average $9.95 for USA and UK / $19.95 International. My team and I do not profit from the shipping and handling fee you cover.

How long does it take to receive my copy?

Depending on what time of day you purchase, your book will likely ship within 24 hours. The only exception may be Weekends and holidays. You should receive it within 2-12 days depending on where you are in the world.

Is this book available as an ebook so I can download it?

Yes! On the checkout page you'll have the option to upgrade your purchase to include the ebook version if you'd like to. You can download it to any device.

Why shouldn't I just buy it on Amazon and call it a day?

None of the FREE bonuses are available when you purchase through Amazon. You won't see this exclusive offer anywhere else. Also, the book will cost you approximately twice as much.

After I purchase the book what happens next?

After you purchase your copy of The Habit Mechanic, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and your order will be processed. I will also share a few opportunities to work together more closely if it will help you achieve your goals.

Can I contact someone if I have a question about my order?

Yes! You can reach a member of my customer support team any time at contact@tougherminds.co.uk We'll get back to you within 24 business hours, if not sooner!

Real people, real results...

"The Habit Mechanic’ is different because it actually shows you how to make positive changes in your life. It is based on good science, but super easy to put into practice.‘The Habit Mechanic’ is both empowering and life-changing!”

Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle

Dean, School of Business, Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York.

“Unlike other books I’ve read, this one actually shows you what to do to be your best and fulfil your potential. It is like a Swiss Army knife for personal and leadership success. The depth of content is amazing. I wish I’d been able to read it 30 years ago!”

Phil Clarke

Former Wigan and Great Britain Rugby League Captain, winner of 12 major titles and Co-founder of The Sports Office.

“I read a lot of books in this space that promise a lot, but this is different because it actually delivers! It is based on great science, it’s super easy to understand and extremely practical. It really is exceptional and provides powerful tools.”

Nigel Adkins

Leading English soccer manager. winner of three league titles, four league promotions and manager of two Premier League teams.


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As of 07/20/2024 we have limited physical copies remaining.

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